It’s so nice 2 meet you, we’re Kitchen22

Here at Kitchen22 our team of BFFs (Best Foodie Friends) goes way back. Made up of chefs, gourmets, and visionaries – we all love to eat and share! And while we each bring something unique to the table, the major belief we have is: anything worth happening happens in the kitchen! Because the kitchen isn’t just the place where we create amazing meals together, it’s also where stories are shared, kids grow up, and life is lived.

We at Kitchen22 want to revitalize the consumer’s experience by creating premium and exciting new food products, while staying true to pure and simple ingredients.


our mission

To create fresh and naturally delicious recipes, using only ingredients that are pure and simple, in a way that is both modern and innovative.

our vision

To bring fresh, natural, and convenient meal solutions into the perimeter of your store.