17 Jun 2016by Kitchen22

Kitchen 22 featured on Perishable News website

Kitchen 22 featured on Perishable News website

Kitchen22 Presents At United Fresh’s Featured Produce Showcase

Kitchen22 will be presenting at the Featured Product Showcase and at booth 1611 at the United Fresh Show in Chicago June 20-22, and is happy to announce its new line of cold HPP (High Pressure Processing) soups and fruit cups. This is in addition to their original line of soups in glass bottles which was launched at the PMA last year.


Our chef-inspired “haute” soup blends deliver maximum nutrition as well as a genuine homemade taste. Complete with delicious varieties from all over the taste spectrum, Kitchen22’s original line of soups offer convenient and healthy options for every palate. Each soup’s texture has also been carefully blended in order to provide satisfying veggie chunks in all the right places, while keeping an overall consistency of smooth soupy goodness. This leaves you with only one decision to make: “spoon or sip?!”


Kitchen22’s two new HPP (High Pressure Processing) lines feature delicious solutions for when you want a nutritious fresh taste, but you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. HPP is a brilliant way of applying pressure (instead of heat) in order to pasteurize food. This leaves it safe to consume while delightfully preserving many more nutrients than when utilizing traditional heating methods.


Kitchen22 now blends vegetables, fruits and herbs all into one tantalizingly nutritious bottle. Rich in vitamins A and C and refreshingly chilled for your pleasure, you can take it anywhere you please (and don’t hesitate to drink it right out of the bottle!) These “gazpacho-style” soups also pack enough fiber and protein to curb your hunger when you need it the most. Wherever you choose to enjoy our cool concoctions, we think you’ll never look at soups the same way again!


Our fruit cups are all fruit, all natural, and all taste! Each cup features one fruit and nothing else; with no added sugar, colors, or preservatives. In a world where we are inundated with too many ingredients and not enough quality, we find our fruit cups to be a refreshingly simple change. We use fruit that is picked at the peak of ripeness before pureeing it, resulting in naturally vibrant colors. To literally “top it off”, we’ve even snapped a cute little spoon into the lid so you have nothing to think about (except for enjoying the invigorating taste of your favorite fruit!)

About Kitchen22

The Miami-based Kitchen22 was founded by three French foodies who share the belief that anything worth happening happens in the kitchen. It’s not only the place where meals are made, but also where stories are shared, kids grow up, and life is lived. But this trio also shares unique similarities in their personal lives that go beyond the kitchen. Birth dates, special anniversaries, as well as dates of major events that have transcended their lives, all seemed to revolve around this one pivotal number: 22. And so, Kitchen22 was born.

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